Kitsch Talent Agency is managed by mums, so we look after your children like they're our own.

We feel there's a need for quirky, individual models & actors with bags of personality, who are professionally managed in a way that is financially fair to them and, of course, the clients who book them.

Kitsch Talent Agency aims to please, with a reliably professional approach that puts having fun at the top of the agenda! As an agency, our approach is completely straightforward and unpretentious. We will only take on talent that we believe will get a chance of work.

Kitsch Talent Agency is a Non-Sole agency and we are more then happy for you to be represented with another agency as long as they are also Non-Sole.

For Clients, we're set up to make selecting your Talent as simple as possible.
Contact us and we will come right back to you with a great selection - we're here to make your life easier!