Does Kitsch Talent Agency accept all applications?

No, we are extremely selective and pride ourselves in accepting only those that we feel are not only right for our agency but right for the industry too.

Can you guarantee work?

It's not possible for any modelling or talent agency to guarantee you work. Ultimately that decision is made by our clients who are the ones that choose who they will take on for each job. However, by having a diverse range of models and talent in each age group our models have a higher chance of getting work as internal competition is kept to a minimum. You can be assured that we submit our talent and models for every brief that they fit.

What work do you get in?

The industry is generally split into three sections;
Photographic/Stills work – magazines, catalogues, in-store materials, billboards, press adverts, etc.
Television work – commercials, film, music videos, idents etc.
Theatre – Stage, musicals, shows, performers etc.

Will I need to have professional photos?

You do NOT need an expensive portfolio to apply to any agency. Snapshots are fine so please be aware of companies claiming to ‘help’ or ‘prepare’ you for this industry. We do advise that our models have professional photos taken once accepted. We can advise and guide you on the best photographers to use for industry headshots. Your images will be used to create your professional profiles and model cards which get submitted to casting directors for assignments so they really do need to be industry standard. Images containing photographer’s watermarks will not be accepted.

Are there any legal requirements for my child to work?

Anyone aged up to the school leaving age of 16 will need to be licensed for any type of assignment. You will need authorised absence from your child’s head teacher to be able to apply to your local education authority for a child performance licence. We deal with this on your behalf when your child is confirmed for an assignment.

What about school?

Most auditions are between 4-7pm for school age children and during the day for those younger. The majority of auditions are now conducted via Self-tape and online by zoom or similar. Assignments will mostly be during the day so time out of school may be necessary. It is a professional working industry and our clients shoot times reflect this.

You will be asked to obtain school permission for shoots held during school hours. Unless you land a permanent role in a feature film, TV show, or stage production, it will just be the odd day here and there. For permanent roles and touring, private education is always provided.

Will I have to travel?

Yes, you do need to be willing and able to travel and in some cases at very short notice. Castings are usually in London or Manchester but jobs can be anywhere in the world.

When will I receive payment from a job?

You will receive payment within 5 working days of us receiving the payment from the client. Client terms are 90 days of assignment completion. Payments are issued via bank transfer to the person who completed the job. In the case of children, please ensure they have an account in their own name that payment can be made into. Under no circumstances will payment be made in any other name.

What is Kitsch Talent Agency’s commission rate?

We charge the standard industry commission rate of 25%.

Does Kitsch talent Agency allow representation with other agencies?

We are a non-sole agency and are more than happy for you to be represented by other non-sole agents though we would not recommend you be with more than two agencies at any one time. We just ask that you notify us of any other agency you're registered with as a courtesy measure.

Are there any fees to join Kitsch Talent Agency?

We do not charge joining fees though If you are offered representation we will ask you to cover the yearly administration fee of £60. This administration fee covers your inclusion and maintenance of your profile pages within our search engine and website. This is in compliance with the BIS and the current legislation.

I have heard agencies should not charge upfront fees, is this right?

You will find that nearly all reputable agencies will charge some sort of fee, whether this is a joining fee, a fee to appear on their website, fees for professional photography etc. It is illegal for modelling agencies to charge upfront fees but not talent agencies. We supply children and adults for all areas of the industry, we are both a modelling and acting agency providing models, actors and extras for catalogues, point of sale and internet as well as the TV and Film industry.

If you have any further questions you may contact us on 07565 608151 or email kelly@kitschtalentagency.com